xnamkrad (xnamkrad) wrote in smoifa,

What a busy day

From reading LiveJournals today I found the following snippets re guests for P-Con VI.

I'll start with Maura McHugh aka splinister, a well known person at Irish cons, always bubbly and charming, and it's an honour to be the first to invite her as a guest to a convention, who had this to say.

Following this was an item from Chaz Brenchley aka desperance

Last and by no means least, this news from C.E. Murphy aka mizkit

Those of you who have met her will know that Catie always looks charming and delightful.

On a separate note, I know that some of you have great artistic talents, so here is a small challenge to you. Would you like to design a poster for P-Con VI? I've put a deadline of May 31st on this, so send in your design, and we'll use the best.

Finally, I think I asked this before. I know a lot of photos were taken over the P-Con weekend, and I'd love to see them. So please if you have any could you email them to me? I'd love to have a con gallery page.

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