Kyle (fysh) wrote in smoifa,

Irish Small Press Stuff

After some lively discussion on the Comics forum, a couple of events have been announced which may be of interest to anyone who likes small press comics of the Irish variety.

1) The main Irish leg of 24 Hour Comic Day will be happening at the Central Hotel in Dublin on the weekend of the 18th & 19th of October. More info will be up at closer to the date.

2) Rob Curley is organising Irish Free Comic Day for the 18th of October, an event which should span all comic shops in the Republic and Northern Ireland as well as (hopefully) some book shops. Again, more info should be forthcoming soon but in the meantime contact Rob if you're interested in taking part.

3) I've posted about this before, but an Irish Comics wiki has been started and seems to be getting some good development. Please stop by here and have a look, or register to add information if you're able to do so.

(cross-posted, apologies if you see this repeatedly)
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